Where Great Minds Meet


Discover a tradition of tomorrows

A little removed from LA’s iconic family attractions and 6 traffic jams away from the beach, the city of Pasadena probably isn’t the first place on most meeting planners’ lists. But what this little town lacks in well-known to-dos it more than makes up for in history-writing, innovative institutions and the world’s brightest brains. While hosting a convention for meeting planners, Visit Pasadena wanted to prove why it was an ideal meeting place for events and conferences catering to tech and science industries.

Tapping celebrity scientist, Planetary Society Founder and CEO, and Pasadena local, Bill Nye, we set out to prove that Pasadena is, and always has been, where great minds meet.  

The universe of astronomy has no center but the universe of astronomers does. For years that center has been Pasadena, California.
— Martin Rees, astronomer