Kirby is my real name. 



Yes, just like the little pink video game character.

If you must know, I was sucked into the world of advertising after watching What Women Want one too many times on TBS. So, thank you, mind-reading Mel Gibson and girl-power Helen Hunt, for kick-starting my professional pursuit of amazing ideas. 

Since becoming a real copywriter, I’ve had the pleasure of creating campaigns for clients like Tillamook, Visit California, Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, Disney, Sephora, CVS Pharmacy, and more. I've also had the pleasure of honing the GoPro voice and using it to inspire fans into action across the globe. 

 My goal is to craft copy and create campaigns that turn brands into living, breathing things. I aim to give brands a personality, something to stand for, and to give people a reason to love them.

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