Cars Land In-Store Launch Campaign

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Ladies and Gentlecars, start your engines! 

Cars Land was the biggest thing to happen to the California Adventure Park since its creation and the opportunity to create something original and unique to promote it in the retail space was too good to pass up. 

So we created the Cars Land Speed Track,  a 3D, augmented reality racing game that put in-store ticket buyers in the driver seat of their very own Cars-inspired racer.  Not only did the game give added incentive to buy tickets to the Disneyland Resort, but it highlighted the park's expansion and raised awareness for the coming of the new, exciting land. 

Within participating retail stores, our Cars Land themed in-store POS pieces featured a QR code that when scanned took buyers to our mobile site. There they were given the low-down on the exclusive AR experience they were getting with their ticket purchase. 

Cars Land Speed Track Demo

Disney Virtual Magic Microsite

Inspired by the landscape of Radiator Springs, we developed a fun microsite that worked that served following three purposes during our campaign:

  • Educate about the Disneyland Resort and the all-new Cars Land

  • Host the Cars Land Speed Track Game

  • Enter the Race to a Magical Vacation Sweepstakes

In-Store Communications

In-store Overhead Announcement