Flavor Champ

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Will you get duped by the scoops?

It’s not summer without ice cream and, honestly, it’s not ice cream if it’s not Tillamook. With more butterfat than the competition, Tillamook’s Premium Ice Cream is crazy creamier, thicker, and loaded with high quality add-ins. To to kick-start the season, we needed a way to get visitors to really take in the scoops’ major yum factor on Tillamook.com.

Behold, Flavor Champ, a sweepstakes that tested your knowledge of all 28 flavors for a chance to win a carton of each. We asked people to correctly identify each flavor based on close-ups of the scoop alone. With each flavor, 4 options and 10 seconds. At the end of the campaign, a Champ was crowned and serious cravings were created.

Flavor Champ Game

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56oz Campaign Page on Tillamook.com

After the game, players were invited to learn more about Tillamook ice cream on Tillamook.com. Over the course of the campaign, 56oz Where To Buy look-ups on the site jumped nearly 70% from the same time the previous year.